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The Eastern Sierra is world-renowned for its expansive beauty. Millions of visitor from across the globe visit the region each year to view and recreate among the towering snow-covered peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and sprawling valley floors. Mammoth Lakes Recreation and its partners are charged with balancing the public’s desire to experience this landscape, with the need to protect our fragile natural resources.

Sustained cuts to the federal budget have resulted in our local public land managers becoming unable to keep up with the ever-increasing maintenance needs. To meet this challenge, Mammoth Lakes Recreation has partnered with the Town of Mammoth Lakes, Mono County, and the Inyo and Humboldt Toiyabe National Forests to develop this Adopt-A-Trail program.

“How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains! To behold this alone is worth the pains of any excursion a thousand times over.”
– John Muir

This program works to ensure that our local trails, lakes and trailheads remain well-kept, safe and enjoyable. This program provides an opportunity to support our recreational resources through sponsorship, i.e. “adoption” and/or volunteer stewardship. Your financial support or volunteer commitment will help ensure that our local trails, trailheads and lakes remain safe, fun, and well-maintained for years to come!

Adopt-A-Trail is open to everyone, including: businesses, organizations, clubs, groups, families, and individuals.  Volunteer stewardship requires a minimum commitment of 20 volunteer hours and trails are adopted through a $1,500.00 tax-deductible donation to support trail maintenance efforts. It is hoped that each facility will be adopted as well as have volunteers to maximize engagement, stewardship and sustainability. Commitments are renewed annually and multi-year commitments are encouraged!

Volunteer Stewards will perform tasks that include litter and pet waste removal, light trail maintenance and reporting of any maintenance issues. Volunteer Stewards will NOT act as a “Trail Cop” or perform heavy trail maintenance. Each business, organization, club, group, family, or individual will designate a Group Leader to be the point of contact with the TOML Trails Manager to organize the work parties, and communicate any needs, issues, or concerns related to their adopted facility.

Volunteers and Adoptees will receive recognition on; and on the MLTS and MLR social media channels.

Simply place your cursor over any of the tiles below and you will see a window open up with information about that lake, trail or trailhead. Click on the “Adopt” button if you are interested in adopting this resource.  Otherwise click the “Volunteer”  button if you would like to donate time  and labor helping our staff conduct trail work at your chosen location.


37.6245° N, 118.9449° WSHERWINS TRAILHEAD

39.6398° N, 118.9633° WMERIDIAN CONNECTOR

37.5999° N, 118.6015° WTWIN LAKES

37.6149° N, 118.9912° WMAMMOTH ROCK TRAIL

40.0629° N, 123.1339° WLOWER ROCK CREEK TRAIL

39.7957° N, 121.2382° WCOLDWATER TRAILHEADS

39.2409° N, 122.9486° WUPPER LAKES BASIN PATH

37.6485° N, 118.9720° WTOWN LOOP

37.6081° N, 119.0107° WLAKE MAMIE

37.6086° N, 119.0191° WHORSESHOE LAKE LOOP

37.9576° N, 119.1199° WLEE VINING CREEK TRAIL

38.9104° N, 122.6102° WLOWER LAKES BASIN PATH

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WLAKE MARY

37.6086° N, 119.0191° WHORSESHOE LAKE

37.6008° N, 119.0118° WLAKE GEORGE

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WMAMMOTH CREST TRAIL