Tangle-Free Waters

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For generations, monofilament fishing line has been essential part of fisherman’s tackle box. Unfortunately, the same attributes that make monofilament an ideal choice for fishing line — high tensile strenth, low visibility, and durability — also makes makes it a serious thread to the environment.

Monofilament line is extremely difficult to spot when submerged in water. This means that birds, reptiles and other wildlife can easily become entangled; causing starvation, amputation, and death. Ingestion is also a serious threat to wildlife. Moreover, fishing line never truly bio-degrades. Instead it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, infiltrating the ecosystem and diminishing local water quality.

Mammoth Lakes Recreation’s Tangle Free Waters program works to place fishing line collection stations at popular Eastern Sierra fishing spots, including lakes, rivers and streams. Volunteers are then responsible for collecting line and separating litter from these tubes on a weekly basis. Once collected, the line is recycled through various programs to improve fish habitat and keep our waterways tangle-free!

Mammoth Lakes Recreation offers two different ways to support this program:

Your support, either as an adopter or volunteer, will help us reduce the amount of discarded monofilament fishing line from our Eastern Sierra lakes, rivers and creeks. Your contribution to this effort is vital for sustaining our unique landscape now and for future generations.

39.9027° N, 121.3530° WROCK CREEK

44.5464° N, 76.3563° WCONVICT LAKE

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WLAKE MARY

44.5464° N, 76.3563 WTWIN LAKES (MAMMOTH)

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WGULL LAKE

44.5464° N, 76.3563 WTWIN LAKES (BRIDGEPORT)

44.5464° N, 76.3563° WROCK CREEK LAKE

44.5464° N, 76.3563° WMCGREE CREEK

44.5464° N, 76.3563° WLAKE MAMIE

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WLAKE GEORGE/ CRYSTAL LAKE

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WSILVER LAKE

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WBRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR

44.5464° N, 76.3563 WEAST WALKER RIVER

44.5464° N, 76.3563° WHOT CREEK

44.5464° N, 76.3563° WMAMMOTH CREEK

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WHORSESHOE LAKE

37.5999° N, 118.9994 WJUNE LAKE

37.5999° N, 118.9994° WGRANT LAKE

38.8930° N, 119.1788 WWEST WALKER RIVER