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(September 7, 2022)

Did you know the Mammoth Lakes Trails System has a Host program? 

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New this year, to further the efforts of the Tangle Free Waters program, Trails Manager Joel Rathje created a new “Water Host” position. 

Water hosts focus on cleaning the fishing line that has been tossed aside and littered.  This has been a huge problem for years and now because of the Tangle Free Waters program and the Water Hosts we are starting to get a handle on it.  We all know that the discarded fishing line is dangerous for wildlife, but it is also dangerous for kids and dogs too. 

“It’s an unbelievable amount,” said lead Water Host Shelly, after spending three hours cleaning the-fishing line from a ten-by-twenty-foot area around the shore of Lake Mamie. “At first, it looks like there’s nothing there, but once your eyes key into it, you realize it’s everywhere.” 

We are inspired by the motivation and spirit of our Water Hosts in “tackling” this long-overlooked situation. Next time you’re at the lake, creek or river – take a look around – more likely than not, you’ll find discarded fishing line. Pick it up and deposit it into one of the conveniently located Tangle Free Water tubes. All the fishing line that is deposited into the Tangle Free Water tubes is recycled.  The fishing line needs to be recycled so it doesn’t entangle and harm the birds at the landfill.

Tangle Free Water Tube Locations

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