Adopt-A-Trail Success! Parker Bench Boardwalk Build

(October 5, 2022)

The Parker Bench area is situated between the beautiful June Lake Loop and the Mono Basin Scenic Area. The rolling sagebrush hills are accentuated by scattered stands of quaking aspen and framed by the towering backdrop of the High Sierra Crest. There are views of the June Lake Loop, lower lakes and crags. Spring wildflower viewing and fall colors also make this place incredible.

Parker Bench Trail has a boardwalk of approximately 100 feet in length that crosses a permanently muddy section of the trail.  Various parts of it have been rebuilt in the past, some several times.  In recent years, the center 35-40 feet have been almost completely rotted with most of the decking completely gone, leaving a stretch of mud, and rotting substructure pieces exposed in this section.  

Through a myriad of volunteers, partners, and funding, this section was recently rebuilt. MLR, in partnership with the Inyo National Forest, was able to help purchase the materials for this boardwalk through the Eastern Sierra Adopt-A-Trail program. 

The work to repair it involved a complete rebuild of the rotted center section of the boardwalk. This cornucopia of partnerships, representing Inyo National Forest, June Lake Trails Committee and Mono County, miraculously completed the job in just a couple days! In addition to all the people involved in the rebuild itself, the Frontier Pack Station, has been supportive of the effort since they had first been contacted about it. They were instrumental in staging lumber at the job site – free of charge! While the pack station certainly facilitated this happening this year, Dave Rosky is one individual who kept this project alive. The Rosky Family has not only supported this effort by sponsoring this trail for multiple years but worked tirelessly behind the scenes on logistics and the actual build. A special thanks also goes out to Jameisha Washington, USFS and Matt Paruolo for all their efforts in making this project a priority.

Join the Eastern Sierra Adopt-A-Trail to make projects like this happen more!

A huge THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to all those involved!

Keith Dawley – Inyo NF Trails

Michael Saling – Inyo NF Trails

Mads Miller – Inyo NF Trails

Spencer Rogers – Inyo NF Wilderness

David Rosky – JLTC, Parker Bench Trail Adopter

Wendy Rosky – JLTC, Parker Bench Trail Adopter

Jora Fogg (FOI and JLTC) 

Stephanie Wuthrich – JLTC

John Ellsworth – JLTC

Paul McFarland – Mono County

Dave Percak – Mono County

CJ – Mono County Trail Steward

Marcella Rose – Mono County, Outdoor Recreation Manager

Jameisha Washington, USFS

Matt Paruolo – Eastern Sierra Sustainable Recreation Coordinator (former)

Frontier Pack Station

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