Program Aims to Reduce Monofilament Waste

Mammoth Lakes, CA (August 21, 2020) – Mammoth Lakes Recreation announced this week that it has formally launched its Tangle Free Waters program.  The program works to reduce the amount of monofilament fishing line in and around lakes, rivers and creeks throughout Mono County.

For generations, monofilament fishing line has been an essential part of many fishermen’s tackle boxes. Unfortunately, the same attributes that make monofilament an ideal choice for fishing line – its high-tensile strength, low visibility, and overall durability – also makes it a serious threat to the environment. Monofilament line is extremely difficult to spot when submerged in water. This means that birds, reptiles and other wildlife can easily become entangled; causing starvation, amputation, and death. Moreover, monofilament never truly biodegrades. Instead it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, infiltrating the ecosystem and diminishing local water quality.

For the Tangle Free Waters program, Mammoth Lakes Recreation builds and places collections stations or “tubes,” where unwanted or discarded monofilament fishing line can be deposited. The line is then collected by staff or volunteers and sent away for recycling.

For years two volunteers, Janet Barth and Jane Kenyon, endeavored to remove monofilament line from local waters on their own.  In 2019, with support from the Mono County Fish & Wildlife Commission, Mammoth Lakes Recreation was able to take over the effort so that it could implement a more robust program across the County. MLR also developed a webpage where fishing enthusiasts can sign-up to either financially “adopt-a-tube,” which includes paying for the materials, placement, service and maintenance, or “volunteer” which consists of weekly servicing for a tube.

“This is an amazing program that works proactively with land managers and volunteer to address monofilament pollution in our waterways,” says Matt Paruolo, Eastern Sierra sustainable recreation coordinator for Mammoth Lakes Recreation. “Most importantly, this program empowers businesses, groups, and individuals with the opportunity to help keep our local waterways clean and healthy, now and for future generations.”

To find out more about Tangle Free Waters, or to sign up  to adopt a tube or volunteer to service a tube, go to

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