October 2022 – Volunteer Spotlight

(October 5, 2022)

This month we’d like to recognize Angela Plaisted as an exceptional volunteer!

When she is not busy as Assistant Clerk for the Town of Mammoth Lakes (TOML), Angie can be found volunteering with nearly EVERY stewardship program offered in the region! She volunteers with the local grassroots group Sierra Trash Eliminators (STE), as a TOML Trail Host, is a proud volunteer for the Eastern Sierra Adopt-A-Trail program, heads out to every Trashy Thursday she can, and most recently, adopted two collection stations through the Tangle Free Waters program.

Talking with Angie, she first visited Mammoth Lakes in the summer of 2017, and immediately fell in love with everything about it. A year and a half later she was lucky enough to find a job and move here with her now husband, Richard. “When COVID hit in 2020 and the Eastern Sierra saw an increase in tourism, trail use and campground guests, we also saw a lot of extra trash.” That’s when she and Richard became involved with the newly formed STE. Around the same time, Mammoth Lakes Recreation, Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access, Mammoth Lakes Trail System and Mammoth Lakes Tourism were all partnering to create and fund new programs and marketing efforts to promote responsible recreation. 

“Keeping Mammoth beautiful for ourselves and future generations is a cause that I have become almost addicted too as many of these efforts also help keep our wildlife healthy. I enjoy the physical part of this work as well as the opportunity it affords me to interact with our visitors and locals alike to spread the word about keeping our community clean, and to offer them various resources and information about the many activities available and sites to see in our region.” 

We can’t thank you enough Angie (and Richard!!) 

Visit www.MammothLakesRecreation.org to learn more about the various volunteer opportunities you can join!

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