New Trails in Mammoth Lakes Basin

Decision Memo Issued

(March 17, 2021)

In exciting news for sustainable outdoor recreation, MLR is pleased to announce that the Mammoth Lakes Trail System will be implementing the construction of new system trails in the Lakes Basin this summer.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is known for an abundance of recreation opportunities and breathtaking scenery – all within minutes from the Town of Mammoth Lakes (TOML). As with most outdoor recreation sites as of late, the Lakes Basin has seen its fair share of parking issues, user-created trails and resource damage. In a continual effort to enhance local sustainable recreation opportunities, TOML has proposed the construction of approximately 2.5 miles of multi-use, non-motorized U.S. Forest Service system trails. District Ranger Gordon Martin recently issued a Decision Memo authorizing the construction of these new trails. The new trails will connect users to popular destination features and facilities in the Lakes Basin cirque.

The trail concepts for this project were conceived during the 2012 planning process for the Lakes Basin Special Study (LABSS). LABSS was formally accepted by the TOML as a guiding document for improving watershed quality and recreation facilities. TOML Trails Manager Joel Rathje will be overseeing the implementation of this project. Rathje, with an extensive environmental planning background, says “these gentle grade trail alignments are meant to take the place of user created trails that are not considered sustainable and are not part of the formal Forest Service system of trails. The Mammoth Lakes Trail System Trail Crew is looking forward to building beautiful and sustainable trails that we can all be proud of”.

To support the implementation of this project, simply select “Lakes Basin Connector Trails” on our Donation Page.

Go Trails!

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