Multi-Use Path Improvements

Town of Mammoth Lakes to Improve Roads and Multi-Use Paths (MUP)

(August 03, 2021)

The CalTrans State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a multi-year capital improvement program of transportation projects on and off the State Highway System, funded with revenues from the Transportation Investment Fund and other funding sources. STIP programming generally occurs every two years and begins with a “fund estimate”. Once the fund estimate is adopted, Caltrans and regional planning agencies prepare transportation improvement plans for submittal and local agencies work through their Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA), County Transportation Commission, or Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), as appropriate, to nominate projects for inclusion in the STIP.

As you can imagine, with the STIP programming cycle occurring every two years, the planning and preparation for STIP funds to be awarded to a project is quite an undertaking. On July 21, thanks to long hours and perseverance by staff, Town Council awarded the $2.38 million Local Road and MUP Rehabilitation STIP Project to Qualcon Contractors, Inc.

The project scope of work includes maintenance of the following (see map above) – 

  • Streets: 
    • Mountain Boulevard – from Main Street to Sierra Boulevard.
    •  Monterey Pine Road – from the west end to the turn near 479 Monterey Pine Road, including Monterey Circle. 
    • Majestic Pines Road – from Meridian Boulevard to Silver Tip Lane. 
    • Red Fir Road and Commerce Circle 
  • Multi-use Paths (MUP’s):
    • South Highway 203 MUP from Thompsons Way to Trails End Park 
    • North Meridian Blvd. MUP from Trails End Park to Sierra Park Road 
    • Sections of the Mammoth Creek MUP

In addition to improving the streets and MUP’s, staff has coordinated with local utility companies to conduct any necessary infrastructure improvements in the right-of-way prior to paving and staff intends to use any open trench as an opportunity to place conduit for future broadband connectivity. 

This project is anticipated to begin in late-summer/early-fall. Please anticipate partial or complete closure of the roads and multi-use paths during improvements and plan alternate routes.




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