Tomorrow, June 5th, Californians will be voting on a number of important ballot measures which affect our community – most notably, the California Clean Water & Safe Parks Act (Proposition 68); a $4B bond measure that contains critical funding for the Eastern Sierra and our public lands.

This measure, which was created with bipartisan support in the California legislature, is designed to help address important park, water and natural resource needs, while concurrently working to address threats from floods, wildfires and mudslides.

If passed, Proposition 68 will provide:

  • $765 million for conserving and protecting natural areas, including outdoor recreation areas
  • $367 million to protect and restore our rivers, lakes and streams
  • $140 million to improve our resilience to climate change
  • $285 million to cities, counties and local park districts to make parks and outdoor areas safer and improve facilities
  • $95 million to promote recreation and tourism
  • $50 million for the ecological restoration of forests,including fuel reduction

For Eastern Sierra to thrive we must invest in and support sustainable outdoor recreation, forest restoration and fuel reduction, clean and healthy watersheds and water resources, parks and public lands. For these reasons, Mammoth Lakes Recreation supports Proposition 68.

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