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Special Tax Measures Support Recreation, Arts & Culture

(December 16, 2020)

Did you know that the Town of Mammoth Lakes offers grants for Mobility, Recreation and Arts & Culture projects? This funding is made available through Measure R and Measure U Special Taxes.

Conducting the annual allocation process, Mammoth Lakes Recreation presents funding recommendations to Town Council for review and approval.  This year $169,000 has been awarded to 12 different organizations.

How did this all come about? In 2008, and again in 2011, the voters of Mammoth Lakes, by a two-thirds majority, supported these two Special Use Taxes for the specific purpose of enhancing recreation, trails, parks, mobility and arts & culture.

Several values were identified in the 2007 General Plan that needed a secure funding stream to be realized. The values included:

  • Commitment to sustainability and continuity of our unique relationship on the  natural environment
  • Support for visitation and tourism as appropriate means to educate, share our abundant resources, and achieve a sustainable year-round economy
  • Desire to be premier, year-round resort community based on diverse outdoor recreation, multi-day events and an ambience that attracts visitors
  • Desire to invest in a recreation resort economy by improving the visitor experience while enhancing the exceptional quality of life for local residents
  • A dedication to creating a “feet-first”, pedestrian-friendly town
  • A dedication to provide and encourage a wide variety of outdoor and indoor recreation readily available to residents and visitors of all ages
  • A dedication to efforts to link parks and open space with a well-designed year-round network of public corridors and trails within and surrounding Mammoth Lakes

The Measure R (2008) and Measure U (2011) Special Use Taxes were passed giving the Town of Mammoth Lakes the dedicated funding stream it needed to support these values and enhance recreation, arts, culture and mobility.

Measure R funds are generally allocated to ongoing maintenance for parks and equipment, the Mammoth Lakes Trail System and financing for the proposed Community Recreation Center. Measure U funds are allocated to transit, events, equipment replacement, the Eastern Sierra Sustainable Recreation Coordinator position and programming grants. In 2020, $166,000 in Programming Grants were awarded to 11 different organizations. Both Measure R and U have $25,000 allocated to one-time Special Projects. Mammoth Lakes Recreation has recommended $3,000 for one Measure U Special Project for the current fiscal year. Programming applications are due February 28, 2021. Special Project applications can be submitted at anytime.

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