Eastern Sierra Adopt-A-Trail

Program Brings Much Needed Love

(January 13, 2020) – This summer amid COVID and wildfires, the Eastern Sierra Adopt-A-Trail program was launched to support maintenance and upkeep of Mono County and Mammoth Lakes outdoor recreation facilities. Starting with 14 facilities in the Town of Mammoth Lakes and unincorporated Mono County, the outpouring of support was felt immediately. By demand, the program grew to 24 facilities at years end!

Volunteers logged over 100 hours and collected nearly 200 pounds of trash. In a “normal” season, various organizations hold several clean up and stewardship events to help care for public lands. Due to stay at home orders and public health restrictions, most of these events were cancelled.  The volunteers and sponsors that participated in this program, literally “saved the day”. Thank you!

Collaborating through this program, the Mono County Trail Stewards and the Mammoth Lakes Trail System continue to support outstanding recreation opportunities in the Eastern Sierra. Eastern Sierra Adopt-A-Trail offers two avenues of support. Fiscal sponsorships last one year from the date of adoption and volunteer commitments renew with each calendar year. We have added 10 new facilities for 2021 that are available NOW! Visit www.esadoptatrail.org to learn more and sign up.

About Mammoth Lakes Recreation

Formed in 2014, Mammoth Lakes Recreation’s mission is to deliver cutting edge sustainable recreation, mobility, and arts & culture opportunities and infrastructure for the benefit of the community and natural environment in the Eastern Sierra. For more information, go to www.mammothlakesrecreation.org.


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