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Turning Talk into Action

(July 07, 2021)

 Waaaay back when, when it was cold, snowy and getting dark at 4:30p.m., the planning started. Mono County Supervisor Bob Gardner didn’t want to see the public lands in the Eastern Sierra receive the same abuse as the Summer of 2020. He rallied the troops and a group of dedicated individuals, businesses, government agencies, elected officials, and non-profits started meeting to discuss what could be done to mitigate the over-use and disregard for regulations that left the landscape scarred. The group met. And grew. And grew, until the culminating presentation to the pubic on May 25. Over 200 people logged on to Zoom to participate in the Town Hall Meeting (Spanish or English) and learn what each of the five sub-committees would focus on for the season.
A big emphasis is being put on education and letting people know how to do the right thing and where to do it legally. The “Camp Like a PRO” and “Poo Like a PRO” messaging and rack cards are available in print at the various visitor centers and other business locations throughout Mono County. All of the information associated with effort, downloadable materials and an interactive map are available at ESSRP.org/Camping.
And in true “if you build it they will come” fashion, a resident of Mammoth Lakes who worked for many years at ESRI, a Geographic Information System (GIS) provider, donated his time and expertise to develop the Eastern Sierra Camping App.  The app is available offline and includes an interactive map as well as the educational elements and resources available at ESSRP.org/Camping. Download the app for Apple and Android devices by searching “Eastern Sierra Camping”. 
As part of the infrastructure sub-committee, an adoption program was initiated and is being administered by Mammoth Lakes Recreation. We want to give a HUGE THANK YOU the businesses and individuals who have stepped up and supported this program. By strategically placing dumpsters and porta-potties at locations known as access points for dispersed camping, we are making it easy for people to chose to do the right thing! Click HERE to recognize our generous sponsors, learn more about the program and how you can become involved!
Thanks to all for the effort and remember to #RecreateResponsibly!
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Formed in 2014, Mammoth Lakes Recreation’s mission is to deliver cutting edge sustainable recreation, mobility, and arts & culture opportunities and infrastructure for the benefit of the community and natural environment in the Eastern Sierra. For more information, go to www.mammothlakesrecreation.org.



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