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April 28, 2021


Sustainability. Quality of Life.

Stewardship. Public Benefit.

Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes and June Lake Loop that are on will be on a 100% reservation system for the 2021 season. Lake George and Pine City campgrounds in Mammoth will remain first-come first-served as well as all of Reds Meadow and all of Tioga Pass. View the Inyo NF Recreation web page for campground updates.
Make campground reservations at:
The Inyo NF is asking for input on any concerns or issues with the Long Valley Exploration Drilling Project, or any information that may be helpful for determining the scope of the analysis. The project proposes to drill up to 3 core borings on up to 14 drill pads, to evaluate the mineral potential within the Long Valley area, near Lake Crowley. Read the full scoping letter from the Inyo National Forest and comment by May 7, 2021.
LADWP approved the EIS for the Mono Basin Water Rights Licenses project. The project includes a structure at Grant Lake Reservoir, which once completed, will fulfill LADWP’s commitment to the 2013 Settlement Agreement for stream and habitat restoration in the Mono Basin. The structure will be used during specific wet year conditions to deliver higher flows from Grant Lake Reservoir, through Rush Creek and into Mono Lake.

Spring Brings On-the-Ground Fun!

Just over a month ago, 80+ community members gathered to learn about and discuss the Shady Rest Inyo Craters (SRIC) Trail Planning project.
With longer days and a fast melting snow pack, the Mammoth Lakes Trail System data collectors, trail designers, and planners are gearing up to explore the project area. The team is mobilizing to ground truth concepts, identify positive and negative control points and areas, and make thoughtful recommendations for optimizing the public access trail system between the communities of Mammoth Lakes and June Lake.
Whether you are a local leader or trail enthusiast, engaging in this project will help local interests take shape on the landscape, and allow the planning team to understand where and how community members use local trails and where they would like to have improved access to surrounding public lands.

Do The Right Thing, Please.

These three pictures are just three of what seems to be an infinite number of pictures capturing the disrespect and dangerous actions of people using our public lands as a home they don't care for or a cheap dump site. The trash is unsightly and dangerous. The illegal campfires are deadly.
There are several groups doing clean-ups and educating the public on best practices and recreating responsibly. But, it really is up to all us to create a culture of respect for our public lands. Please, please, please - do the right thing - and pass it on to others!!!

Annual Town of Mammoth Lakes Clean-Up Day

Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 9.50.03 PM
May 21 & 22
Protect your property from wildfires by creating & maintaining a defensible zone around your home starting from the building, structures, decks, etc. up to 100 feet or the property line.
Drop by Footloose Sports on May 22 from 9:00am-12:00pm to collect complimentary trash bags, a community clean-up map, and recycling information along with helpful clean-up tips.
Ready to Volunteer at the Town Yard to help with Green Waste and Trash Drop-off?
Register at or contact Annemarie Hall, Volunteer Eastern Sierra at (949) 636-4003.
SRIC Survey QR

Shady Rest Inyo Craters Trail Planning Survey

Scan the QR Code or CLICK HERE to participate!



04/13 - NWSA Webinar: COVID-19 Pandemic Summer Field Strategies


04/16 - 04/30 - Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra: Springtacular 2021

04/28 - Sierra Nevada Regional Workshop on Expanding Nature-Based Solutions and Advancing 30x30

04/28 - Tahoe Regional Planning Agency: Governing Board Meeting

04/29 - Mammoth Lakes Chamber: Community Coffee - Dispersed Camping and Trail Hosts

04/29 - American Trails Webinar: Assessing Trails: LiDAR Assisted Trail Topography Evaluation (LATTE)

04/30 - Wok N Nature: Walk N Meditation

05/01 - Owens River Annual Clean Up

05/01 - 05/02 - Wok N Nature: Walk N Cacao Ceremony

05/04 - Town of Mammoth Lakes Recreation Commission Meeting

05/04 - Mammoth Lakes Recreation Board Meeting

05/08 - Felici Trio Watch Party! (Email for Link)

05/17 - 05/19 - California Outdoor Recreation Partnership Virtual Summit

05/21 - 05/22 - Town of Mammoth Lakes: Defensible Space & Community Clean-Up

05/24 - 05/28 - Society for Wilderness Stewardship: National Wilderness Skills Institute

06/21 - Mono Arts Council: Create Eastern Sierra Summer Arts Institute


03/25 - 06/24 - Forest Management Workforce Development Seminar Series

04/20 - 05/11 - Nature-Based Solutions and 30 by 30 Virtual Regional Workshops (*Sierra Nevada Region - 4/28)

Eastern Sierra Climate & Communities Resilience Project

CALREC Vision - A Cross-Jurisdictional Collaboration to Advance Sustainable Outdoor Recreation in California


Tahoe Visitors Bureaus Team to Encourage Stewardship, Responsible Travel

High Country News: What's the Value of Tracking Recreation in the West?

Nevada Climate Initiative: State Climate Strategy

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency: Regional Transportation Plan

Grant: Youth Beverage Consumption Education & Research Fund

Counties Need Good Recreation Economy Data to Secure Necessary Funding

Utah's Improbable Pandemic Tourism Boost from State Support and Higher Tax Revenues

Biden Infrastructure Goals Would Be Achieved With More Strategic Investment in Walking and Biking


04/22 - (3:00PM) Great Basin Institute: Forestry Career Fair

Sierra Nevada Alliance: Lake Tahoe Ambassador Program

LADWP/ICOE CTE Scholarship - DUE 4/30/21
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