To transform Mammoth Lakes into a world-class high altitude training center, a premier mountain arts and culture destination, and the best alpine recreation community in the country.



To deliver cutting edge sustainable recreation, mobility and arts & culture opportunities and infrastructure for the benefit of the community and natural environment of Mammoth Lakes.



  • Quality of Life: MLR operates under the basic premise that creating and enhancing the broadest possible range of quality, sustainable recreation opportunities in and around Mammoth Lakes, California, improves the quality of life, experience, and general health and wellness of residents and visitors alike, making our community an ever better and ever more viable place to live, work, invest and do business.
  • Public Benefit: MLR works to support, develop, and recommend funding for projects and programming that are accessible and available to the broadest number of community stakeholders.
  • Sustainability: In order to sustain quality recreational benefits and amenities for present and future generations, MLR works to support, develop and recommend funding for projects and programming that complement the natural landscape and environment, provide year-round opportunities, and are demonstrably sustainable in the long term, economically, socially and environmentally.
  • Stewardship: MLR understands recreation to be the gateway for understanding and caring for the precious landscape, public lands,  and community values that underpin the economy of Mammoth Lakes, California, and the quality of life and experience for all its residents, visitors and other stakeholders.


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Take a look at the RECSTRATS I document, which was the foundation for the development of Mammoth Lakes Recreation.