Town Council acts on MLR’s recommendations

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The following is from the Mammoth Lakes Recreation Board President, Danna Stroud.


Wednesday night was a very big night for Mammoth Lakes Recreation and the future of Mammoth Lakes. The Town Council acted on three recommendations brought forward by MLR that will have long-term implications for our community. Here’s a brief recap:


  1. On a 5-0 vote, the Council approved the Priority Project strategy for Measures R & U as presented by MLR. The MLR Executive Director outlined the work that had been done by the MLR Board and covered the changes the Board had made to the document during its last meeting. There wasn’t much debate, but there were a few clarification items to consider regarding the inclusive playground. In addition to MLR’s project strategy, the Council also provided direction to staff to get in place logos, instructions and communication for promoting how Measure R & U funds have been used for these and other projects and events. As noted by Councilmember Wentworth, the public needs to see how its dollars are being spent.


  1. In a 5-0 vote, the Council approved an $80,000 reallocation of funds to a trails maintenance program. Funds were reallocated within the current budget for the Mammoth Lakes Trail System (MLTS) from other items that are not yet ready for implementation. In addition to the reallocation, Council approved the use of the 2007 U.S. Forest Service Trails Construction and Maintenance Notebook for trails maintenance treatments and approved the supplemental agreement to the existing Master Challenge Cost Share Agreement between the Town and the Inyo National Forest. These foundational documents help create a framework for how the management of the MLTS will function between the Inyo National Forest and the Town. This is a huge development for the MLTS and under the leadership of Mammoth’s new Trails Coordinator, Joel Rathje, we’ll see significant work on the ground next summer. “We are excited to serve the community by taking care of the trails that so many people cherish,” said Rathje. “And we are grateful for the support of our local Ranger District. The MLTS team will be very busy planning for this effort as we know how time flies.”


  1. In response to a request by MLR, the Council provided unanimous direction to staff to bring back recommendations for the establishment of a special events working group with a mandate to formulate a special events strategy for future funding expectations. The MLR Executive Director will work with the Town Manager to identify potential participants on this committee. It will start small – TOML/Council, MLR, MLT and Chamber and then expand to include representatives of the Planning and Economic Development Commission and Events Coalition. This is also a big deal – special events will finally have a home, a strategy and reliable funding sources.

Click here, to view the full exchange between Mammoth Lakes Recreation and Town Council.