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 MLR continues to evolve as an organization and  is very pleased that you all attended and supported our second Thought Leadership Summit with a focus on the creation of the Mammoth Lakes Institute for Human Optimization. Our initial community gathering this past March was focused on Winter Recreation and created a number of partnerships to develop new programs and projects. The development of a community communication strategy was a consistent theme that was identified throughout the Winter Recreation Summit with a recommendation being considered by the Town Council in January. Many of the community stakeholders are optimistic about the possibilities as this community continues to evolve with a number of programs and projects being framed as elements of the MMSA Hart Howerton Report and the work of the TOML and their Downtown Revitalization Plans and the “Walk, Bike, Ride” Planning process over this first week in December.  We are truly on the “edge of greatness!”

img_5721I would like to thank Gary Morgan for his leadership with the development and implementation of the Human Optimization Thought Leadership Summit this past weekend. Your work to create a message, to bring Dr. Andy Walsh, Red Bull Director of Human Optimization, and his wife Christine, who works for the USOC as their VP for Gifts & Donations, to the community, the morning breakfast conversation exploring the possibilities and the evening community reception are to be commended.

The vision for MLR is to create the best alpine recreation community in the country and I keep circling back to the three assumptions that I took away from the SHIFT (Shape How we Invest For Tomorrow) Conference this past October in Jackson, Wyoming that focuses on outdoor recreation and public lands:

1.       Enhance economic development through recreation

2.       Enhance a healthy and well balanced life style through recreation

3.       Enhance our ability to instill stewardship through recreation

The organizing committee was inspired by the thought provoking conversation that we had with Andy in the morning session, the afternoon community field visit and the personal connection, and the enthusiasm that was generated through the evening community gathering. We can all remember taking Psychology  101 and learning about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that included physiological, safety, belonging, esteem and self-actualization. His message about optimizing human performance touches each and every one of us, and after all, who does not want to grow personally and professionally to meet their own human potential?

Dr. Walshe shared his thoughts that evening about the evolution of Human Kind 2.0 and that our work has to be driven by the vision as we sharpen the message if we expect to change the world, or at least the world that we all live, work and play in! I think I was most touched by his mission critical thoughts in which he challenged us to “Do Good!” as we improve the quality of life for everybody from “cradle to grave” to create a better world for the next generation. The development of the Mammoth Lakes Institute for Human Optimization will allow us to improve the quality of life physically, spiritually, emotionally, artistically and intellectually  for people of ages and abilities.

I walked into the day continuing to ask myself who are we going to be when we grow up and I walked out of last evenings conversation asking myself what is the legacy of Mammoth going to be?

I look forward to the development of the next steps related to the development of the “BHAG” for region of Mammoth Lakes that will allow us to create the greater vision based on the common good that we can execute with a passion for excellence! Stay tuned!

We all have much to be thankful for and I extend warm greetings to you, your family and your friends for a Happy Thanksgiving! (Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot @ 9am – Mammoth Creek Park West – gobble gobble!)

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