Tales from the Mammoth Lakes Trails System

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Most people associate trails with the summer, but it’s been a pretty busy winter for the Trails System, behind the scenes and also outdoors.

Here are the top four highlights for this past week:


1. Thank you Friends of the Inyo!

Winter trail grooming in Shady Rest has been happening regularly, giving plenty of people the opportunity to cross country ski in a beautiful woodsy setting.


2. Let’s talk about winter recreation

This past week a steering committee for the Winter Recreation Summit gathered to set up roles and responsibilities for the effort. What do we do when there isn’t snow? How do we manage crowds at Tamarack Where do you find information on snow-play? These are some of the topics being considered. It will also include opportunities for public input, focused stake holder discussions, and data collection/demonstration projects. “We look forward to working toward optimizing our community’s winter recreation menu,” says Joel Rathje, the Trails Coordinator.


3. Website update

The Mammoth Lakes Trail System web site has been populated with links for current OSV trail grooming information, provided by the USFS team. Check it out!


4. Ready for backcountry riding?

Sherwins Access/Egress signs were put in place by Town Public Works last week. Check it out:

Over time more trail system assets to the map, but this is a great start! If you are playing in the Sherwin access areas this winter, be sure to let us know.


As always,

Thank you for your interest in the Mammoth Lakes Trails System!

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