Lead Agency

Town of Mammoth Lakes


Partners and Project Leads

Mammoth Lakes Recreation, Town of Mammoth Lakes Recreation Commission, Snowcreek Athletic Club



The Field House / Training Center’s mission is to provide year-round court sports and running training to residents and visitors and athletes in Mammoth Lakes.

The objectives for this type of facility is to:

  • Provide year-round court sports to Mammoth Lakes residents
  • Field House /Training Center located close convenient to residents and visitors
  • Provide outstanding indoor sporting opportunities for visitors to Mammoth Lakes
  • Discover complimentary uses (Conventions, Trade Shows, Events, music)



Building on this success and realizing the need to focus its efforts, in July of 2010, the Town Council voted unanimously to approve their intention to participate in a recreation strategic planning process funded by the Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access (MLTPA) Foundation. This process, known as RecStrats, was designed to deliver a recreation vision and strategy for Mammoth Lakes while also identifying opportunities that might be realized by formalizing the Town’s relationship with the Inyo National Forest. This process was completed in November 2010 with the articulation of the vision and strategic plan for recreation as defined in the RecStrats document presented to the Mammoth Lakes Recreation Commission and unanimously approved by the Mammoth Lakes Town Council.

Subsequent to the approval of RecStrats by the Town Council, the Recreation Commission requested the development of an implementation plan for the strategies outlined in the Rec Strats Plan. To facilitate the effort and develop the implementation plan, the Town contracted Strategic Marketing Group (SMG) in early 2011.


Current Status

Mammoth Lakes Recreation and the Town of Mammoth Lakes are currently engaged in conversations about the possibilities of a public / partnership and the construction of a field house on the Snowcreek Athletic Club property.


Vision for the Facility 

The Town of Mammoth Lake parks and recreation vision is to provide multipurpose, year round, indoor and outdoor recreation opportunities accessible to all residents and visitors. The Training Center / Field House @ Snowcreek Athletic Club will provide MULTI-SPORT indoor recreation and training to town residents and visitors 12 months of the year. It will be the most cost effective solution indoor sports available. Located at Snowcreek Athletic Club within town limits, it is a convenient an accessible location.


Location & Partnership/Agency Options
  • We are in the beginning stages of development regarding this project. Snowcreek Athletic Club has indicated that they are interested in pursuing a partnership and have begun preliminary planning and engaging in conversations with both Mammoth Lakes Recreation and the Town of Mammoth Lakes.
  • Partner with MLT to market High Altitude Training Center as visitor attraction & high altitude training destination with potential for USOC designation


Cost Estimates & Case Studies

There are no conceptual designs for this project at this time. This project is in the developmental phases as we continue to research and collect data regarding the potential adoption of this project. An energy efficient facility would be preferred in order to minimizes utility costs and minimize operating costs burdening Measure R & U funds.


Funding Scenarios

Funding for this facility is to be determined with an estimate of new construction at $500 per square foot. Early conversations indicate the potential for a proposed 25,000 sq. ft. facility with an estimated cost of $12.5 million. Once this can be established MLR will solicit corporate sponsorship.


Action Plan
  • Develop working public / private partnerships to achieve letter and spirit of Measure U & R compliance
  • Conduct site survey and identify initial design concept including court design to maximize flexibility, quick change-over and multiple uses.
  • Develop construction budget, operating budget and financing plan
  • Complete any required environmental work and town permits
  • TOML Public Works to take lead in construction
  • Work with stakeholders (interested individuals, MLR, TOML recreation, High Sierra Tri Club, Tennis Club, Soccer Leagues, Volleyball leagues, coaches, etc.) to publicize and fund-raise and develop scheduling / programming


Relevant Documents

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