Long-term projects and the transition into summer

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The Mammoth Lakes Recreation team is rolling into the spring and planning for the summer months. The snow is melting and the sweet smell of fresh pine tickles your nose knowing that back country hikes are knocking on the door. MLR staff spent the weekend exploring the back country trails in preparation for our summer trails maintenance work in partnership with the Inyo National Forest. The Mammoth Lakes Trail System team spent some time this morning with the project lead team, MLTPA, reviewing potential soft surface trails signs that will be shared with the Inyo National Forest Ranger for approval.

The Town of Mammoth Lakes Mammoth Creek Park team is finalizing their programming work a multi-use ice rink and a complementary community center. MLR staff is working in partnership with the town team to finalize a business plan and the associated project prospectus to be used as an element of our capital campaign. We are making progress and are excited about the potential partners that want to support this project.

MLR staff will be presenting an update to the Town Council on Wednesday about the seven parcels that being explored for the construction of an Outdoor Performing Arts Center with a projected opening date in the summer of 2018. And Mammoth Lakes Foundation CEO Evan Russell will be presenting an update to the MLR board on May 3rd at 5pm about the Mammoth Arts and Culture Center with a projected opening date of December 2018. All exciting stuff!

Monday Morning Trails Team

As we progress through these projects we are focused on building partnerships to leverage funds to support the design, construction and programming of these projects. Our goal is to create projects that support outdoor recreation and the development of a human performance environment for people of all ages and abilities.Our work with potential partners is seeking their input about what projects and facilities would support economic development that meets the needs of the sponsor, local citizens and our visitor base? Just because you build it does not mean they will come!

What can you do to support outdoor recreation in Mammoth Lakes? Do you have a connection with a corporate sponsor that wants to support the cause that you are able to make an introduction or can you want to make a donation to the cause? We appreciate your support and feedback as we continue to define the needs of the common good that we are able to execute with a passion for excellence!



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