Lead Agency

Town of Mammoth Lakes (TOML)


Partners and Project Leads

Mammoth Lakes Recreation, TOML Recreation Commission


Overview and History

Recreation Commission Staff Report (10/08/2013) says that the cost of refurbishing and rehabilitating the current Community Center would cost $330,500. The tennis courts rehabilitation projects were estimated to cost $940,000. Both facilities’ improvements are considered low priorities, except for parking lot maintenance. There is little desire to invest resources into the existing Community Center which fails to meet the needs of the community; development of a new and larger facility is preferred.

The Community Center Park incorporates 5.18 acres and includes: a “pocket-park” with a playground, six tennis courts, play and picnic areas, and an inside meeting room which includes kitchen, tables, chairs and restrooms. The 2,550-s.f. Community Center building is located at 1000 Forest Trail (Corner of Forest Trail and Minaret Road). One outdoor horseshoe pit is also available, and the park includes a trial garden maintained by the Knolls Homeowner Association. Onsite parking includes 25 parking spaces for the Community Center and about 15 parking spaces for the tennis courts.


Current Status

The Multi-Use Task Force (formed by Town Council on July 15, 2015, with members from MLR, Recreation Commission and Town staff) A new Community Center is the recommended complimentary facility for the proposed Multi-Use Facility/Ice Rink on Mammoth Creek Park West.

On January 6, 2016, Town Council approved moving forward with an Environmental Study and preliminary design work for the Multi-Use Facility and Community Center at Mammoth Creek Park West.

The current Community Center is used frequently for recreation programmed classes (gymnastics, drama, Zumba, etc.), meetings, and select private gatherings (limited food and beverage). The tennis courts are well-used in the summer time (May through September); public access to the courts is most difficult during tournaments or other special events such as free social doubles. Town Staff estimates that the courts are used to about 60% of capacity during the tennis season. The current Community Center is in need of several refurbishing and rehabilitating projects.


Vision for the Facility

Recreation Commission Staff Report from Aug. 5, 2014 says the Town and a consultant (Verde Design) recommend the Aquatic Center be integrated on the same site as a Recreation/Community Center. The Recreation/Community & Aquatic Center Workshop (May, 22, 2014) states that the community center (referred to in the report as a recreation/community & aquatic center) should include the following: a youth lounge (safe place for kids to hang), adult/senior lounge (not needed until later phases), a large meeting/conference space, a gymnasium (fit two pro-size courts, at least 30 rows of bleachers, and can serve as a cultural center), fitness/dance room, administration space, wood floor multi-purpose room ( 28’ ceiling for gymnastics), computer/homework room (says this may not be needed), Child watch/play space (day-care, place for evening athletes working out), pre-school (integrate with inclusive playground), climbing wall (low priority), indoor running track, weights and cardio, non-wood floor multi-purpose room, and locker rooms.



  • The Parks and Recreation Master Plan contains a conceptual plan from May 23, 2007 for the current Berner Street/Forest Trail location which was later superseded by the 2012 Parks and Recreation Master Plan and the 2014 Plan Your Parks documents.
  • Plan Your Parks (Aug. 6, 2014) presentation says that constituents would like the facility at the current location, but take issue with the following: street crossing to the Village, the current facility’s roof is too low for gymnastics, the current site does not have enough room for a recreation center, and the actual center needs to be renovated, but the playground and tennis courts are fine.


Cost Estimates

Recreation Commission Staff Report (10/08/2013) says that the cost of refurbishing and rehabilitating the current Community Center would cost $330,500. The tennis courts rehabilitation projects were estimated to cost $940,000.

A new Community Center is estimated to cost $500 per square foot. Early conversations indicate the potential for a proposed 5000 sq. ft. facility with an approximate cost of $2.5 million. Operations and maintenance costs need to be included in the project.


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