Boston Athletic Association Comes to Mammoth Lakes

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I like to Google (or Bing) “Mammoth Lakes” just to see what comes up.

Sometimes I find out that we’ve been listed on some “top hiking” or “25 best ski resort” type lists.

A lot of times there are reports on fires or snow.

But every once in awhile I come across something that is fantastically cool


What does a group of girls making a Justin Bieber parody video have to do with Mammoth Lakes?

Apparently these NCAA champs are part of The Boston Athletic Association High Performance Team, who just spent a month training up in our gorgeous wilderness.

I’m not one to be satisfied by a Justin Bieber parody– I needed to do a little more digging to learn about the BAA’s time up here.

Which is where I stumbled across this and then this.

Looks like this team had a lot of fun up here. It always feels good reading that visitors enjoyed their Mammoth Lakes experience as much as we do. And bonus points– High-Altitude Training is a great way to start programming the less touristy months of the year.

And hey! They make more than dance videos, here is a compilation of their time here in Mammoth Lakes!

B.A.A. High Performance team trains in Mammoth Lakes, CA from Team B.A.A. on Vimeo.