August Update

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Those who love the Olympics all have their reasons. For some, it’s motivational, watching someone do their best on a national stage, or casually viewing the beauty of what humans are physically capable of doing. For myself, I enjoy seeing how years of hard-work culminate into a those legendary moments that last sometimes only a few seconds but can impact a lifetime.

How’s that for a timely metaphor?

After months of re-writing, planning, and analyzing, the Mammoth Lakes Recreation Board of Directors is diving into the final stages of the long term strategic plan. Our next step is to finalize the milestones and align the budget as we leverage those funds to maximize our purchasing power. The final version of the MLR strategic plan core document will be posted on our web site shortly.


Many of us attended the Hart Howerton Concept presentation on July 20th in the TOML Council Chambers. The presentation was framed as putting a face and a voice on the town based on their review of all of the various TOML planning documents. There was excitement and positive energy in the room about what this town may be able to achieve. There were also identified challenges including the moving of the post office, narrowing Main Street, relocating the RV Park, locating the ice rink on the Shady Rest Parcel, creating a main street parking district, creating a streetscape along Old Mammoth Road and the development of a downtown district. All exciting and interesting possibilities.


And where does MLR fit into all this plan?

MLR is willing to take a pause in their projects and ask the essential questions about the process and the projects. The Town Council will begin their public discussion at their August 17th Town Council Meeting.


Members of our Board of Directors have been engaged with the Inyo National Forest Plan Revision Process and have provided comments as elements of the scoping process leading up to the proposed Plan that is now available for formal comment. The public comment period for the Draft Revised Land Management Plan for the Inyo National Forest closes on August 25, 2016. The Plan Revision includes Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests. The Plan touches on a number of areas of interests to this community including fire management, ecological integrity, sustainable recreation and designated areas, wilderness and wild & scenic rivers.  The Forest Service has held a number of public meetings as have the Eastern Sierra Recreation Collaborative.

You are cordially invited to attend the Special Wrap Up Meeting scheduled for this Monday, August 15th starting at 6pm at Cerro Coso Community College in Bishop.


There have been two committees creating strategy documents that are focused on the Allocation Process, with approval of these strategies just around the corner.

  • The MLR Allocation Committee has crafted one broad objective – “Allocations will be recommended or funds invested to create, implement and support a branded high performance destination that includes a thriving arts & culture community and enhanced recreation There are three allocation categories including programming, capital projects and special projects. These will continue to be funded by Measures R & U restricted funds.
  • The MLR / TOML / MLT / Chamber of Commerce Ad Hoc Committee have created an Economic Development Strategy for Special Events that is targeted on the creation and support of special events through the employment of a contracted project manager.


And how could we not forget our magical Trails Coordinator, Joel Rathje, who is out on the dusty trail with his fire crews providing gold medal-level maintenance the Mammoth Lakes Trails System. Bravo Brother Joel!

What makes Joel a treasure for this community is not only his talent, but his passion to provide great amenities for everyone to enjoy. If you find yourself out on the beautiful trails that Joel has been working on, please share your experience with us on Facebook on Instagram.


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