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Alas, a bill has been written to create the Office of Outdoor Recreation and Public Lands Enhancement in California! AB-907, authored by State Assembly Member, Eduardo Garcia, addresses the need for such a role in our California Government due to several major concerns and implications:

  1. Recently, the Federal government has made proposals to shift public land responsibilities and orientations, making it ever more pertinent to have an office bridging the gap of communication between local, state, federal, and private entities.
  2. There are 750,000 jobs supported by the outdoor industry alone in California. (WOW!)
  3. The outdoor economy brings in a whopping $90 billion in economic consumption and $7 billion in state and local taxes.
  4. We need to keep our public lands public. 

Outdoor recreation as we know, benefits not only the state as a whole, but the cities, towns, and individual members who comprise these California communities. We need to protect, enhance, and
celebrate the great outdoors as a band of guardians comprised of NGOs, public entities, stakeholders, and environmental loving folk (if you enjoy breathing fresh air and the warmth of sunshine that
includes you too!).
That’s why organizations from across California have come together to sign a letter of support to the Honorable Eduardo Garcia. Included in this letter is our very own Mammoth Lakes Recreation Board President, Tom Johnson, and Mammoth Lakes Trails and Public Access Foundation Board President, John Wentworth. Thank you guys for advocating for such a beneficial and impactful role in outdoor recreation!

Looking forward: The Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee Hearing for AB-907: Office of Outdoor Recreation and Public Lands Enhancement, is scheduled for April 4, 2017. For updates on the process and for further information on the bill, follow this link.

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